Fidel Bafilemba is a Congolese human rights activist living in the provincial capitol of Goma, North Kivu, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Fidel is a true patriot.  He loves his country and works tirelessly advocating for peace, good governance and education for the region’s youth.  A former high school teacher and rebel colonel, Fidel speaks thirteen languages.

Because of his outspoken views on human rights in his country, Fidel has been forced to flee for his safety several times.  He has spent time exiled in South Africa and England.  As a polyglot, Fidel currently works in Goma as an independent political analyst providing research, translation and logistical assistance to mainstream media outlets, filmmakers, reporters, NGOs, and diplomats.  He is also a contractor for the Enough Project, an organization dedicated to stopping genocide and crimes against humanity.  Because of his expertise and knowledge of the fluid events on the ground in eastern DR Congo, Fidel has been asked to testify before the U.S. Congress and has met with administration officials in the White House.  Above all, Fidel believes that education is vital in helping to lift his nation out of poverty, corruption and violence, and that educating the region's youth and teaching them critical thinking is crucial to the future of his beloved DR Congo.


The young people of DR Congo need life-changing programs. The Lumumba Children's Library and Learning Center is just that program.

- Fidel Bafilemba