We will offer a host of resources and activities designed to enhance the literacy and language of a new generation of Congolese youth.


According to the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), every child is guaranteed a free, public education. However, due to rampant political corruption and regional violence, this promise has not been fulfilled. This is where the Lumumba Children’s Library and Learning Center (LCL) will come in. We aspire to employ cutting edge educational technology to increase literacy and enhance the learning experience for the children of Goma. It will encourage the sharing of information and foster critical thinking for all the children who have access to its many resources.


Cobo Construction and VIA Design Studio generously provided unique architectural designs of what will become the LCL.

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For over 20 years, the eastern region of the DRC has been torn apart by conflict, sexual violence, and corruption. It is mired at the very bottom of most international development indexes.
The LCL, in the provincial capitol of Goma, will act as a beacon of hope and knowledge for young people.


The Man

Fidel Bafilemba, our Co-Founder, is a Congolese human rights activist living in the provincial capitol of Goma. He loves his country and works tirelessly advocating for peace, good governance, and education for the region’s youth.

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The Plan

LCL Core Missions
Operational Plan
Facility Description
Sustainability, Risks, and Negative Impact Avoidance



Many have stepped forward to help make this important project a reality. From as far away as Hong Kong, individual donors have boxed up gently used and new books, and sent them to the collection site in California to await shipment to the DRC.


Book club challenge

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